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Polywater W-1

The Polywater W-1 is a clean, non-linting, tear-resistant towel for buffing live-line tools. Disposable wipe for waxing and protecting hot sticks, booms, insulators and other live-line tools. Suitable for fiberglass, rubber, and porcelain material. The Polywater W-1 wax is easy to use and leaves a non-conductive, water repellent coat.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects: Does not remove or affect gel coat. Leaves non-conductive, water-repellent coating.
  • Fast Acting: W-1 wax easily applies and hazes quickly.
  • Convenient: Dual action tandem; wax saturated wipe and dry buffing towel.
  • Restores: Brings back luster and helps to protect gel coat.
  • IEEE Compliant: Meets IEEE maintenance recommendations.


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