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Armor Rods

Armor Rods are intended to protect the conductor against bending, compression, and abrasion at the support point. Installing armor rods improves the conductor’s ability to withstand the fatigue forces associated with aeolian type vibration, however, they do not function as vibration control devices. Protection against flashover damage is also provided. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to wind flow, and vibration history on similar construction in the same area. Armor rods are recommended as protection for spans greater than 300 feet. They are manufactured from either aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. They may be used to restore full rated conductance and strength of the line when no more than half of the outside strands on an Aluminum Conductor Steel-Reinforced (ACSR) or aluminum conductor have been damaged outside the support point. Armor rods may be tapped over on ACSR and aluminum conductor, but not on steel ground wire. When tapping is used, it is highly recommended that the conductor is thoroughly wire brushed and an oxide inhibitor is applied.

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Showing 1–16 of 82 results